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Tenkara USA Forums Fly Swap VII

September 11, 2012 Ashley's Blog, Tenkara Flies 2 Comments
Tenkara Fly Swap terrestrial flies

Tenkara Fly Swap VII

The Tenkara USA Forums “Big Fat Fly Swap” has concluded. Lots of great flies that are perfect for late summer and fall fishing. Hoppers, ants, beetles, a mouse and an aphid.

Much thanks to acheataux for organizing the swap — and for contributing three flies instead of just one.

Tenkara USA Fly Swap terrestrial patterns

A hopper by Loften; a hopper and two beetles by acheataux

Two mini-hoppers by stevenlsmith87; Chernobyl ant by eaphilipp

Ant by Erik Ostrander; hopper by (unknown); mouse by Ashley Valentine

Size 26 aphid by Brian Flemming, placed between acheteaux's hopper and a Size 30 Punk Rock Sakasa Kebari for scale

If you want to participate in the next fly swap, just keep up with the Tenkara Flies section of the forums and look for the next announcement.

According to the internets, you can mouse just about anywhere.

(I did my best to match up the flies with their creators, but one fly is unidentified and one tyer seems to be missing. Corrections welcome — I’ll update the post.)

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