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Tenkara terrestrials?

August 23, 2012 Ashley's Blog 7 Comments

The deadline for Fly Swap VII on the Tenkara USA forums is here. So Brian and I have to decide what we’re tying — and tie 8 flies each real quick.

The theme this time around is terrestrials — or, as acheateaux puts it, “The Big Fat Fly Swap.”

A couple weeks ago we stocked up on supplies to experiment with big ol’ honkin’ terrestrial patterns.

deer hair

Twenty-four dollars buys a LOT of deer hair on eBay. Wish I had more colors, though.

And four dollars buys a lot of foam.

Some of the first experiments: beetles and such

Hoppers and the like.

Experimenting with foam and silk line to make bulging eyes and antennae to imitate the natural (top).

Two attempts at a foam frog go for a swim. I thought about tying a frog for the swap...

...but when I learned that trout sometimes eat swimming mice, I decided I had to tie a mouse fly pattern.

So I learned how to spin deer hair.

I didn't find it as difficult as some people make it sound.

After packing on about eight stacks of deer hair, I started shaping my first deer-hair mouse.

Somehow the general shape of a rodent emerged. I tied on a partridge feather and swept it forward to imitate whiskers.

Which makes it a sakasa kebari. Kind of.

My second mouse goes for a swim in the aquarium.

So now I am busy tying lots of mice.

And after experimenting with all sorts of giant foam and deer-hair monsters, what terrestrial did Brian decide to tie for the “Big Fat Fly Swap”?

A Size 26 aphid.

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